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Call to dementia charity to navigate legal and financial challenges of the condition

The UK’s leading dementia charity has revealed people needing legal and financial help are amongst the top calls they received in 2023.

Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Line, which is staffed by expert Dementia Advisers, received over 5,300 calls from people seeking information about legal decisions they face such as around Lasting Power of Attorney or on money concerns – as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

Staff have also reported many people sharing frustrations about a lack of good support options. There were almost 4,500 calls from people seeking advice and help about the services they or loved ones could access in 2023.

The devastation of dementia was also highlighted by the number of people turning to Alzheimer’s Society about the emotional toll of the condition, with more than 3,500 calls.

It comes as staff are expecting one of their busiest months of the year. In January last year the charity dealt with a spike of over 6,600 calls – more than 19% higher than the average monthly call volume for all of the previous year.

Alzheimer’s Society also said families often contacted them in the New Year after spending more time with relatives over Christmas, and observing changes in their behaviour or concerning symptoms.

An Alzheimer’s Society survey shows nearly one in two Brits think more about their own, or their family’s health over the Christmas season compared to other times of the year. Over the festive period, one in five respondents noticed, or were concerned about, changes in thinking, memory, concentration or other brain functions beyond what is typically expected in an ageing relative or loved one.

There were 965 calls to the Dementia Support Line on the six days it was open between Christmas 2023 and 2nd January 2024 – a 36% increase on the previous year.

People looking for dementia symptoms was amongst the top Google searches that brought people to the Alzheimer’s Society website during the festive period this year.

The charity has revealed its services were used over 6.1m times in 2023.

Debbie Ellor, Senior Dementia Support Line Manager, said: “Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer, and one in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime. People have told us that what they need most is advice and one point of empathetic contact, from people who understand dementia, which Alzheimer’s Society can provide.

“Throughout the year, people are turning to our Dementia Support Line for help when they are facing heartbreaking financial decisions, or struggling to get the right care in place for a loved one.

“It is only because of those who support us that we can continue to give vital help to those living with dementia.

“Alzheimer’s Society vows to help end the devastation caused by dementia, providing help and hope for everyone affected. For more information or to donate visit alzheimers.org.uk

If you’re worried about dementia, Alzheimer’s Society are here to help. Call the Dementia Support Line on 0333 150 3456.


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