Kundalini Yoga: How to control your emotions by Maya Fiennes

Maya Fiennes is a well respected Kundalini yoga practitioner and instructor, based in Los Angeles. Trained as a classical pianist, Maya first found Kundalini Yoga when she was looking for something to help calm her pre-performance nerves. She tried other forms of Yoga, but it was Kundalini Yoga that gave her the key to relaxing and controlling her emotions.

What exactly is Kundalini Yoga? Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1968, describes Kundalini as an ‘uncoiling of yourself to find your vitality and your potential’.  For Maya, it’s a brilliant and effective way to deal with today’s life stresses. ‘It was the one Yoga technique that gave me the simple, quick tools I needed to either de-stress, energise or calm myself. It’s about real life and dealing with its ups and downs’. Maya’s retreats and classes are in high demand in LA, but thankfully her classes are now available online, as are her range of DVD’s and her best selling book, ‘Yoga for Real Life’. 

Below are links to our one week plan, designed by Maya, to exercise your body as well as your mind. All you need are some comfortable clothes, five minutes and an open mind.

Monday – Letting go of fear and doubt

Tuesday – How to deal with stress and love

Wednesday – Removing obstacles

Thursday – All we need is love

Friday – Aches and pains

Saturday – Sharpen your intuition

Sunday – Finding joy







Maya Fiennes

Maya’s revolutionary style of yoga is based on the Kundalini Yoga tradition. Maya has grown far beyond the yoga studio, taking her teachings across various mediums, including TV, 20 DVDs, several CDs, events, workshops, teacher training, retreats and merchandise. Maya is featured daily on TV in several countries around the world, and her book, “Yoga for Real Life,” has been translated into several languages and has already sold several tens of thousands copies worldwide.
Maya Fiennes

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