Vitamins to manage burnout and stress

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Vitamins to manage burnout and stress: In a demanding and fast-paced world, a raging pandemic that has seen many contend with tight deadlines, not to mention other curveballs that life occasionally throws our way, it is nobody’s surprise that cases of burnout are on the rise. And while a little stress can be good for jolting us into action, feeling constantly overwhelmed can be quite detrimental to both your mental and physical well-being. Fortunately, there exist promising ways of treating burnout and lowering stress levels, and supplementation using nutrients on this list is a good place to start.

4 Dependable Supplements & Vitamins for Relieving Burnout and Stress

According to the WHO, the three major recognizable symptoms of burnout include;

  • Chronic exhaustion and feeling constantly overwhelmed
  • Loss of enthusiasm in things that once used to excite you
  • Detachment for your occupation or profession
  • Poor job performance where you once excelled

If this sounds like you, you can seek a reprieve from one of these supplements geared towards combating burnout.

B Vitamins for Relieving Stress, Elevating Energy Levels, and Improving Mood

Nothing can impact your mood harder than workplace stress. Luckily, there’s credible research that shows how burnout stress can be aided by incorporating B vitamins into your supplementation routine. If anything, there’s a 2011 study that unearths how people who regularly take Vitamin B complex supplements, especially the b12 sublingual drops e.g. Wellabs Vitamin B12 are less likely to suffer from personal and professional stress, whether at their workplace or at home. Experts are convinced this could be due to the fact that B vitamins are useful in improving brain health, especially when it comes to cell-to-cell signaling and energy generation.

What’s more, reduced levels of vitamin B12 can make you twice more likely to develop a mood disorder e.g chronic depression than someone who is not deficient in this micronutrient. Part of this stems from the belief that this vitamin is highly crucial for the secretion of serotonin, which is a major ‘mood-booster’ neurotransmitter. Besides, one large review points out that supplementation with B vitamins can improve your mood and lower stress levels as it is involved in the reduction of homocysteine levels.

Speaking of which, at this juncture, one can’t help but wonder; is liquid b12 better than pills? The answer is yes, indeed. Here’s the thing; sublingual drops tend to be much more effective at delivering this important micronutrient to your body’s bloodstream as they tend to be more absorbable than standard pills.

Vitamin C Can Bolster Your Immune System and Tone Down Stress Levels

You probably already know that ascorbic acid is central to the fortification of a good immune system, but are you aware that the vitamin can also help with burnout? You see, high levels of this vitamin in one’s blood are associated with better handling of the mental and physical symptoms of stress, especially when working under immense pressure. For instance, there is this recent study that illustrated how the presence of vitamin C inhibited the secretion of cortisol – the body’s infamous flight or fight hormone – which is responsible for the signs of elevated stress levels. Scientists have long found out that too much cortisol often leads to headaches, unexplained anxiety, or problems concentrating at work. Sounds familiar, right?

L-theanine for Relaxation and Calmness

Though not specifically a vitamin – in the purest definition of the word – it’s hard to ignore L-theanine’s ability to induce relaxation and promote a calming feeling. In case you are wondering, one of the best natural sources of this antioxidant is green tea, although it can be found in decent amounts in black tea too. In one of the few recent studies involving thousands of participants, scientists found out how taking green tea occasionally was linked to improved memory, reduced stress levels, better anxiety management, and enhanced memory. Add that to the synergistic effects that caffeine is known for and you have the perfect recipe for calming your nerves when your stress levels threaten to boil over.

Vitamin D3 Supplements for Battling Fatigue and Depression

Arguably one of the most recognizable symptoms of burnout is relentless fatigue interspersed with panic attacks. And it is not by pure coincidence that experts have linked low vitamin D levels to increased incidences of stress, depression, and anxiety. The connection is so convincing that doctors nowadays recommend that every patient who is experiencing unexplained tiredness and lack of motivation have their vitamin D levels checked out.

The direct link between superb mental health and vitamin D levels is so strong that adding just about 1000IU of the vitamin per day to your wellness regimen can go a long way in relieving;

  • Joint pain
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained muscle cramps
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness
  • Weakness

And what’s a better way of supplementing your standard diet with this crucial nutrient than through vitamin D3 drops?

As you can see, there exist several vitamin-based solutions for the physical exhaustion and emotional weariness that you could be battling at the moment. All of these, however, depend a lot on you taking prompt action to alleviate the symptoms before they worsen and morph into something that is much harder to treat. At the end of the day, micronutrients and vitamins play an integral role in improving neural function and stabilization of mental health which is one the major reasons eating a balanced diet is usually highly recommended in almost all spheres of life.

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