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Managing life with a pacemaker

Leading clinician from Harvard Medical School educates patients on managing life with a pacemaker: Boston, MA: Harvard Medical School heart rhythm specialist, Dr. Leon Ptaszek, was recognized as an SVT Pioneer by international charity Arrhythmia Alliance in 2021. After joining forces with them for their ‘Living with SVT.’ lecture – a first of its kind, virtual educational event; they are now launching the second part of their ‘Living with…’ series, once again presented by Dr. Ptaszek, entitled: ‘Living with a Pacemaker.’

The event will launch virtually on Feb 03, and will discuss what a pacemaker is, how it is implanted, what a person can expect during post-implant recovery. The event also includes information regarding long-term, remote monitoring of a pacemaker. Essential content for patients to view virtually, it means that anyone from across the globe can access this fully up-to-date information from the comfort of their own home from February 03 and revisit as often as they wish.

Speaking about the latest lecture of the educational series, Founder & CEO of Arrhythmia Alliance, AF Association, and STARS, Trudie Lobban MBE, says: “Once again, we are very pleased to be able to offer these important educational events for patients and clinicians. This chapter of our “Living with…” series offers a one-off opportunity to watch, listen, learn, and put questions to Dr. Leon Ptaszek about managing life with a pacemaker. As the session is virtual, it means anyone in the world can access it free of charge from the comfort of their own home, as frequently as they wish and can share with their families and loved ones.”

Dr. Ptaszek added: “It is a privilege to deliver this next event in the “Living with” series for patients. By offering educational events virtually, we can really expand our support to patients beyond our clinics and improve awareness and understanding of different conditions.”

For more information on this patient series and how to register for the free event, please visit: https://heartrhythmalliance.org/aa/us/living-with-a-pacemaker-patient-educational-series

Registration includes free access to the event itself which will remain available on-demand after launch.

Although access to the virtual event is complimentary, donations are welcomed here. Arrhythmia Alliance provides information, support and education for those currently living with pacemakers.

Future events in the “Living with.” series will be: Living with an ICM/ILR and Living with ICD/S-ICD or CRT. Further information on these events, including dates, will be released shortly.

Trudie Lobban MBE

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