Aluminium adjuvants and vaccine safety

Professor Chris Exley

Professor Chris Exley

Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry Keele University
Honorary Professor, UHI Millennium Institute
Group Leader - Bioinorganic Chemistry Laboratory at Keele
Professor Chris Exley

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Chris, many thanks for this article. Our daughter was very seriously disabled by the HPV vaccine over 5 years ago. She had an immediate reaction to the vaccine, as did many other girls. She was diagnosed with severe ME and hyper somnolence but has also suffered horrendous headaches and body pains. The NHS do everything they can to blame the family and will not recognise vaccine adverse reactions. On the UK government website the JCVI minutes for the HPV sub-committee states that the MHRA have reported that there are no serious adverse reactions with this vaccine. However, the MHRA acknowledge… Read more »

How is Aluminum “oxyhydroxide” different than just “Aluminum hydroxide” which is listed in most vaccines?