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Connect the Spots: Training Teachers to Empower Dyslexic Children



People with dyslexia are naturally bright, creative and imaginative.

Their thinking can inspire and amaze us and their skills are vital for the jobs of the future.

But over 80% of children with dyslexia never get spotted at school, because of this they can sometimes struggle.

As if something about school and them… doesn’t quite fit.

For example, while people with dyslexia are brilliant at big picture creative thinking they often feel uncomfortable being put on the spot and asked to remember facts and spellings.

It’s a much more common issue than many people think, because as many as 1 in 5 children are dyslexic.

Made by Dyslexia’s free, simple video training can help you recognise dyslexia and create an environment where all children can thrive.

Experts and specialist teachers will explain how to:

  • Spot dyslexic strengths and challenges.
  • Plan lessons that benefit all children.
  • Offer support that builds resilience; and
  • Transform the attainment of dyslexic children.

This free online training takes just two hours, but it’s vital for all teachers.

The videos are full of helpful, easy to implement ideas.

Like giving all children access to assistive tech like computers, so dyslexics can express their great ideas without feeling singled out, and getting kids to solve problems together in small groups.

Colour coding lessons also helps, as does multi-sensory learning. Using all senses to explore a problem, as well as just reading and writing about it.

These small things add up to a big difference.

  • To educational outcomes.
  • To self-esteem.
  • And to millions of young people’s life chances.

Dyslexics are ready for the workplace of tomorrow.

If we can reshape the way we teach them today.

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