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Curtin researchers available: New ‘photovoice’ study offers rare insight into the world of autistic adults

As part of Curtin Autism Research Group and Autism CRC seeking to understand the quality of life of autistic adults from their perspective, PhD candidate Rebecca Kuzminski, Dr Wenn Lawson, Professor Sonya Girdler and Dr Ben Milbourn undertook a research study where participants were asked to take photographs to represent their quality of life.

A selection of 47 photographs has been developed into an online gallery and offers an insight into the lives of autistic adults from their perspective through photography and spoken word.

The ‘photovoice’ study is the result of a collaboration between Curtin University researchers and autistic adults with backgrounds in psychology, research and photography, and with the help of John Curtin Gallery staff.

This is an Autism CRC project, led by Curtin University.




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