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Move over Pilates. Have you heard of Lagree?

Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss? Yes, But Lagree Is Better. We’ve all heard that Pilates is great for weight loss, but what if we told you there was a new way to help you lose even more weight? Lagree fitness is the latest form of Pilates-based exercise, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to shed extra pounds.

So, why is Lagree better than traditional Pilates for weight loss? Lagree is a unique form of exercise that combines cardio and strength training, creating an intense workout.

In this article, we’ll expand on the science behind Lagree and why it’s the best choice for weight loss and overall health.
Why Pilates Is Good for Weight Loss

Pilates is good for weight loss because it helps you exercise. You can make moves that both get your heart pumping and help you build strength. This makes Pilates an intense workout and can help you lose extra pounds.

During each session, you use your own body weight for resistance. This means that you are getting stronger with each session without lifting additional weights.

Plus, Pilates is great for toning and sculpting your muscles as well. By using slow and controlled movements, you can target the areas of your body that most need sculpting.

In fact, there were even studies done on the effect of Pilates weight loss, and it was confirmed that this type of exercise dramatically increased the fat-burning process. However, it was noted Pilates didn’t help with reducing waist circumference and lean body mass.

Why Lagree Is Better If You Want to Lose Weight

Can you lose weight from Lagree? is a question we often get asked. Lagree takes Pilates to a whole new level. It adds cardio and strength training to an already intense workout, making it the perfect choice for weight loss.
The movements in Lagree are faster and more intense than in traditional Pilates. This helps you burn more calories during each session while also increasing muscle tone throughout your entire body.

On top of that, the moves in Lagree are dynamic, meaning you can adjust them to your fitness level. That way, even if you’re a beginner, you can still get a great workout and start seeing results quickly. Plus, with regular practice, you can continue to challenge yourself and never get bored.

What Is Lagree?

Now that it’s clear how Lagree can help you get read of those extra pounds, we also have to go into detail about what Lagree is.
Lagree fitness was developed by Sebastien Lagree, who combined Pilates and strength training moves with cardio and resistance exercises. So, while Lagree is based on Pilates, it’s an entirely separate form of exercise that offers a more intense and dynamic workout.

Each class is done on a Megaformer, a specialized machine that looks similar to the Pilates Reformer. You use it to perform exercises that work your whole body while challenging your core muscles.

Unlike the Pilates Reformer, though, the Megaformer uses a resistance system that allows you to adjust the intensity of each exercise. You can also use it to perform a variety of different exercises in one session, which helps you get an even more effective workout. This makes it perfect for beginners and pros alike, as you can easily customize each move to fit your fitness level.

The Science Behind Lagree

Lagree has been scientifically proven to be an effective way to lose weight and get into shape. Studies show that the intense workouts you get with Lagree can help increase your metabolism and burn fat faster than traditional Pilates exercises.
Plus, since the moves involve both cardio and strength training, you can also improve your cardiovascular health while losing extra pounds.

Pilates Goers Prefer Lagree

In addition to the science behind Lagree, there has also been a great deal of anecdotal evidence from people who have tried it. People who have gone from traditional Pilates to Lagree always report better weight loss and body sculpting results.
As well as that, those who have been doing Pilates for a while report stagnating after a while and feeling like their workouts are no longer challenging them. This simply doesn’t happen with Lagree, as the dynamic moves can be adjusted to fit any fitness level.

Overall, Lagree is an amazing way to get in shape and lose weight while also having fun. With its intense cardio and strength training, you can burn calories and sculpt your body in no time. Plus, the Megaformer allows you to adjust each exercise to fit your skill level perfectly.
This makes Lagree perfect for beginners as well as experts who are looking for a new challenge. So if you’re interested in trying something new and challenging yourself, come to Pilates Plus LA and get on your weight loss journey!

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