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I consider myself very fortunate to work with so many amazing people each week, assisting with a diverse range of complaints.

Kinesiology is a safe and effective, a truly holistic method of balancing the body to health.  Kinesiology was originally developed by an American chiropractor called George Goodheart and blends elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques. Essentially, George Goodheart discovered that by testing muscle response, before and after he made chiropractic corrections, he achieved better results for his patients. He established that the muscles in the body correspond with the acupuncture meridians and related organs.

By testing different muscles in the body, a kinesiologist can get a picture of what is happening inside the body and can then help rebalance the individual and correct the problem drawing from a toolkit of protocols and techniques.

My introduction to kinesiology was as a client.  At that time I suffered chronic pain, often from head to toe.  Various therapies relieved the pain, but then it would return.  Kinesiology, however, was able to determine that the root cause of my problem was stuck emotion.  Emotion can manifest in the body as inflammation, causing physical pain.  Applying various emotional release and other techniques allowed optimal flow of energy and therefore ultimately clearance of pain.

I was so impressed by the whole experience that I decided to train in the subject.  It took five years, starting at Foundation level, and then progressing to Practitioner training, and then with a break returning and completing the course.  But it was time well spent.  I love my work, which also seems to involve much emotional release work with clients.  It is said that we in practice can best help people through our own life experiences, and there is huge benefit to health in clearing negative emotions which we accumulate through life.

Anyone can train in kinesiology.  Always adhering to the structure and principles of the training plus a strict professional Code of Conduct, it appears that kinesiologists are drawn in different directions upon completion of their studies, some specialising in the physical, some in nutrition, some with energy or emotion, although all kinesiologists work truly holistically using all of the above.  Most of all, the client’s muscle responses will show what is needed throughout the session, in order to help them regain balance.

As with acupuncture, kinesiology cannot be shown to work in a scientific way, but we know that many people say they benefit from both.  It seems kinesiology is becoming increasingly better known, and for my part evidence of the benefits are there to be seen.  Clients just want to feel better.  More recently I am given to understand that two major health insurers in the UK now list kinesiology as an approved therapy.  Who knows, perhaps one day we may see kinesiology working alongside conventional medicine.





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