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BEAT calls for more training on eating disorders

This Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 28th February to 6th March 2022, Orri is supporting its charity partner, Beat, in calling for all UK medical schools and foundation programmes to introduce comprehensive training on eating disorders.

“Orri, a specialist day treatment service for eating disorders, who are celebrating. an ‘Outstanding’ in every category in the CQC (Care Quality Commission) report this month will host a series of five webinars during the week, tackling a range of topics including when to seek help for an eating disorder, recommendations for clinicians for managing treatment remotely and how to nurture hope during recovery.

Kerrie Jones, Founder and CEO of Orri explains the issue: ‘One in 50 people will be affected by an eating disorder in the UK and more often than not, GPs are the first port of call for someone who is struggling.

‘With less than an average of two hours training in eating disorders – and with patient appointments lasting an average of just 10 minutes – GPs aren’t sufficiently armed with the information they need to respond to the growing population suffering with eating disorders.’

Kerrie continues: ‘There’s no ‘one way’ to have an eating disorder, and each diagnosis has a unique presentation. Many of the more nuanced symptoms can risk going unnoticed if stereotypes and myths prevail.’

Delayed access to treatment is just one of the risks associated with a lack of training. In 2017, Orri’s charity partner, Beat, undertook research which revealed:

  • Only 14% of people are referred within four weeks of their first GP visit
  • Men and boys wait 28 weeks for a referral, compared to 10 weeks for women and girls
  • 25% of sufferers aged 19 and over were referred to non-specialist services
  • Less than 50% of patients received all the information they need about eating disorders, their treatment, and sources of extra support

‘This is particularly significant when you consider anorexia,’ says Kerrie. ‘which has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness, demonstrating the importance of early intervention and rapid referral to specialist services.’

As a social impact organisation, Orri recognises the importance of sharing the expertise of its team with the wider healthcare sector to improve access to services and outcomes in treatment.

Since inception, Orri has offered free CPD seminars for therapists and medics alike who wish to learn more about eating disorders and treatment for recovery.

Alongside Orri’s webinar series, which are free to attend, anyone affected by an eating disorder or involved in the treatment of eating disorders may find the team’s blogs helpful. Orri Blog

Orri’s Seminar Series for Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

An Introduction to Eating Disorders & MEED

Monday 28th February, 18:30 – 19:30

Brief Description

Dr Paul Robinson, Orri’s Director of Research & Development and Professor at UCL, and Kerrie Jones, Orri’s Founder and CEO, will lead a seminar introducing eating disorders, their signs and symptoms, recommendations for medical management, and an introduction to the MEED (Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders) guidelines for severe eating disorders, which was chaired by Dr Robinson.

This seminar is specifically for healthcare professionals who are interested in deepening their understanding in eating disorders and learning about MEED (previously known as MaRSiPAN) from specialists in the field.

The seminar will be held via Zoom and will be recorded.

When to seek help for an eating disorder

Tuesday 1st March, 18:30 – 19:30

Brief Description

Orri’s team of specialist clinicians are coming together to discuss when someone should seek help for an eating disorder.

This event is specifically for those who might be considering accessing help and support for an eating problem/eating disorder, as well as their parents and loved ones.

The panel will discuss eating disorder signs and symptoms, share recommendations for how to have difficult conversations (for instance disclosing an eating disorder to a loved one or GP), and what to expect from treatment and recovery.

Working with complex eating disorder cases

Wednesday 2nd March, 18:30 – 20:00

Brief Description

Dr Paul Robinson, Director of Research & Development and Professor at UCL, Dr Sara Morando, Consultant Psychiatrist and Responsible Officer, and Paula Tait, Specialist Lead Dietitian, will discuss treating complex eating disorder cases through a case study and live supervision session.

This event is specifically for healthcare professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, etc) who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of eating disorder treatment and recovery.

Remote Management of Eating Disorders

Thursday 3rd March, 18:30 – 19:30

Brief Description

Since the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in people accessing remote support for their mental health. At the start of the pandemic, Orri’s team launched an online programme for recovery that has helped countless individuals make significant progress in recovery.

In this seminar for Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Dr Sara Morando, Orri’s Consultant Psychiatrist, and Maxine Jones, Orri’s Service Director, will discuss how to effectively manage individuals with eating disorders from afar, leaning into examples and best practice from the Orri programme.

About Orri

Launched in February 2019 as a social impact organization, Orri is a specialist day treatment service for eating disorders, providing face-to-face treatment both online and in person for recovery for people aged 16+.

As both an alternative to hospitalization and an early intervention option, at the heart of Orri’s approach is the belief that recovery is possible for all.The team works collaboratively to provide expert, evidence-based treatment with kindness and compassion at its core. Evidence strongly demonstrates that early intervention achieves better patient outcomes. www.orri-uk.com

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