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Reflecting on menopause in the workplace

Research company Perspectus Global and Comms Agency DAPS have collaborated on a newly released White Paper, reflecting on menopause in the workplace in 2023, celebrating and observing midlife women from different cultures and observing the benefits they bring to an organisation.

The White Paper includes comments from a range of experts, as well as brand new research, surveying women of Britain and their employers.

A few key findings and expert insights below:

On a fundamental level, 19 percent of people (a quarter of men and 12 percent of women) admit that they have no knowledge at all about menopause. 21 percent of men and one in 10 women even have no idea when women might start menopause. One in five of all 18-to-24-year-olds are unaware of what the symptoms of menopause might be. 61 percent of women over 45 agree that “menopausal” is often used in an insulting or pejorative manner.

Nina Kuypers, Founder of Black Women in Menopause: ” Recognising the intersectionality of menopause and race/ethnicity contributes to building an inclusive workplace”

Dr Rachel Taylor, Neuroscientist: ” If we are serious about making a difference to those who are going through menopause, we have to accept that there is no one menopause. Each woman experiences her menopause with her own individual challenges.Each woman experiences her menopause with her own individual challenges. There may be socially acceptable symptoms, or unique symptoms, either way she should be supported so that she feels empowered and valued, able to use all the wisdom, experience and skills that she has accumulated throughout her life. “

The research also found that nearly half (49 percent) of women aged 45 and over would not feel comfortable talking to a line manager about menopausal symptoms.

Pat Duckworth, Founder of Smarter Menopause: ” Menopause is not an illness, it’s a natural phase of a woman’s life.”

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