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Tobacco breaks hearts from the World Heart Federation

Tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure are responsible for 1.9 million avoidable deaths from coronary heart disease, or CHD, every year – approximately 21% of all CHD deaths. And yet, in many countries, the links between tobacco use and heart disease remain poorly understood or largely ignored.


The World Heart Federation (WHF) unites the cardiovascular community and drives the agenda to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease and help people live longer, healthier lives. Together with our Members, we are working to end needless deaths and build global commitment for improved cardiovascular health at the global, regional, national and community levels. We believe in a world where heart health for everyone is a fundamental human right. ➡️WEBSITE: www.worldheart.org ➡️TWITTER: @worldheartfed ➡️FACEBOOK: World Heart Federation ➡️LINKEDIN: World Heart Federation

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