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What is Veganuary’s Impact?

What is Veganuary’s Impact? We spoke to our celebrity friends and brands about the impact Veganuary has had on veganism and the plant-based food landscape over the last decade. These clips are from our upcoming Veganuary documentary, due out in summer 2023. So look out for a trailer and title announcement soon! 🎥 A massive thank you to Jasmine Harman, Elena Devis (Deliveroo), Ian & Henry (Bosh!), Derek Sarno (Tesco/Wicked Kitchen), Evanna Lynch, Jane Fallon, Jonathan Moore (Asda), Tom Lindley (Cauldron Foods), Peter Egan, and Andrea Harburn (Cauldron Foods) for their time and kind words! Have you signed up to Veganuary yet? It’s our tenth year this January so a great moment of celebration to get involved and try vegan for one month! Sign up now: https://veganuary.com/try-vegan/



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