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Doctor in the house? a free healthcare service

A new virtual consultation service – www.doctorinthehouse.net – launched today to provide a free, safe healthcare service that links worried patients to at-home healthcare professionals. The aim is to ease the pressure on the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak; and to give patients first-hand consultations during the lock-down. This service can scale-up at speed to match the severity of the crisis. Patients can consult onany healthcare issue, freeing up resource in the NHS.

As of today, this free online service is recruiting registered doctors (including GPs, urgent care doctors and specialists) as well as specialist nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists and other professionals. Accredited professionals are requested to sign up and volunteer their time, from as little as 20-minutes at a time. doctorinthehouse.net is seeking clinicians who are working from home, self-isolating, or between shifts.

The goal of doctorinthehouse.net is to supply 100,000 online assessments and 25,000 online appointments by mobilising over 200 at-home clinicians as soon as possible. The website launched March 31st 2020.

doctorinthehouse.net  – Is driven by sophisticated scheduling, industry-leading video conferencing and secure patient note handover systems, all supported by a front-end AI diagnostic tool.


For further information, please contact Christian Lewis or David Bond:
[email protected] 07919 324 890
[email protected] 07956 624 474

How do medical professionals apply to work with Doctorinthehouse.net and how does the
service work?

1. Doctor in the House offers a virtual healthcare service, linking ‘at home’ clinicians with patients who cannot otherwise get advice.

2. It checks the applications of all clinicians to ensure that they are appropriately registered with their professional body and that they are suitably insured.

3. It provides the scheduling platform, access to an online video conferencing system, as well as a secure note-taking and patient handover capability, as required.

4. It allows the clinician to make their availability known via a public booking website.

5. Patients can book a 20-minute slot for a free consultation with a professional. Both patient and professional will receive an email with a conference-call link. Ideally the patient will have completed an AI-driven self-assessment in advance.

6. Clinicians can make themselves available for as much or as little time as they wish – from a single 20-minute slot to an entire day. The scheduling platform also allows total flexibility, so that clinicians can specify regular availability, or register themselves day-by-day.

‘Amazing … I am keen to support however we can’ Lord Bethell of Romford,Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Department of Health and Social Care.

The Clinical Leader of doctorinthehouse.net Dr DJ Hamblin-Brown is available to comment and to be interviewed. He says: ‘This new service will not cost the NHS a penny. By volunteering, or by using doctorinthehouse.net as a patient, you are freeing up NHS resource for someone who needs it. This is the phrase we all hear in an emergency: is there a doctor in the house? This is that moment. Doctors: please come forward and sign up to volunteer your time. The NHS is moving towards an improvement in telemedicine – but not fast enough. We’re here to take up the slack. We’re ready to sign up all healthcare professionals, not just GPs. We will be delivering our first free consultations later this week. We are an online meeting place for two groups who are perfectly matched. Public-spirited healthcare professionals with time to spare, and people who have health worries. We’re bringing doctors into your house.”

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Merlin A
Merlin A
1 year ago

This free healthcare service is a game-changer! It’s heartwarming to see dedicated doctors offering their expertise to those in need during these challenging times. Kudos to the team behind this initiative for prioritizing accessible healthcare and making a positive impact in the community. Truly inspiring!

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