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Diary of Covid-19 (Part II)

Day 6 since I met Covid 19

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m in bed with coronavirus. My kids can wave at me from the safety of the corridor outside my room but no hugs or kisses today. Thank goodness they still show absolutely no signs of symptoms.  Their dad is away and in self isolation himself, so forget chocolates and breakfast on a tray.

I woke up a slight sore throat and congestion but the tightness in my chest has eased. I really feel that my immune system has finally woken up to this virus and is tackling it. I still have a cough, but not so bad, and feel a little clammy. Persistent headache is still hovering there in the background.  But the chest tightness and breathlessness – by far the worst part –
does seem to be better.

I feel the need to stay very quiet and let my body cope with this. I’m also eating the healthiest food I can find in my fridge and drinking plenty of water. There’s no way I’m drinking alcohol when I feel like I’ve got a week long hangover.

One of the guests from the party has tested positive with Covid 19 so I think it’s pretty definite now that we all got coronavirus. The range of symptoms has been pretty broad – from ‘man flu’ to serious illness in someone who is elderly. Interestingly, I do know people who have caught this and lost their sense of taste and smell – an under recognised
symptom which was reported on widely yesterday. They may be the ones who don’t have classic symptoms or only upper respiratory symptoms rather than ones that involve the deeper lung tissue. Needless to say, I can still smell and taste everything.

I also want to say that this virus spreads very, very easily. It can and does infect the cells in the gut lining and may be shed when we go to the loo. I have had tummy cramps as well as episodes of nausea and dizziness. This is another very good reason for washing your hands for  20 seconds after using the bathroom and at intervals throughout the day.

From my sick bed, a massive shout out to the many people who have offered to buy fresh food, (Kaye, Tash, Elizabeth, Sue, Tanya, Donna, Jane, Sarah, Daisy among others) as well as chocolate for the kids who are in quarantine too, and even offering to set up a virtual classroom where they can do some studying next week while I repine. This is one of
the best silver linings in all this – we really are a community and can and do pull together when times get tough.

I also now understand why people in the Middle Ages used to scrawl X marks on the doors of people’s houses who were suffering from the plague. It’s actually pretty useful. We need to know who has this thing, who has had it, and who hasn’t been exposed. For now, everyone should keep well away from me and the metaphorical chalk mark is firmly on the

But tests on the horizon that show immunity will be invaluable in the future so I can get out of isolation in a few weeks time and help people in need like people are helping me now. Read our blog at www.hippocraticpost.com on how China is using special apps to help get healthy people moving again.

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