New insights from the TARGIT A trial 2021

Single-dose radiotherapy for breast cancer confirmed to be suitable for most patients:

New insights from the TARGIT-A trial Full paper can be accessed at… and an invited blog post about it is here

Previously published Improving breast cancer treatment: Long-term results of the TARGIT-A randomised trial ( of risk-adapted single-dose TARGIT-IORT given during lumpectomy for breast cancer vs whole breast radiotherapy given post-operatively by visiting the radiotherapy centre daily for 3 to 6 weeks.

The full paper is available at… The full paper PDF download:… The accompanying opinion piece is at…

UCL video is at BMJ academic video is at Comparison of ‘no-radiotherapy’ trials, compressed whole breast radiotherapy trials and other partial breast irradiation randomised trial is published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology at… as part of the article…

Comment published in British Journal of Cancer… PDF download is at Slide credit – Jayant S Vaidya and Uma J Vaidya Worldwide adoption is described in this UCL Discovery preprint

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