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March is Ovarian Cancer awareness month

Only 3 per cent of women in the UK are very confident at spotting a symptom of ovarian cancer. Help us raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: www.targetovariancancer.org.uk/startmakingnoise

What are the symptoms? – Persistent pelvic or abdominal pain – Increased abdominal size/persistent bloating – Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly – Needing to wee more urgently or more often than usual Occasionally there can be other symptoms such as changes in bowel habits, extreme fatigue (feeling very tired) or unexplained weight loss. Any post-menopausal bleeding should always be investigated by a GP. Find out more: targetovariancancer.org.uk/symptoms


Do you know the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Knowing the symptoms could save your life.

  • Persistent bloated tummy?
  • Feeling full quicky and/or loss of appetite?
  • Tummy pain?
  • Needing to wee more urgently or often than usual?

The sooner the cancer is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat…

Smear tests do not detect ovarian cancer.

If you regularly experience any one of these symptoms and they’re not normal for you…

It’s important to see your GP.

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