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4 EXPERT Tips to Boost Energy

Survey shows Brits are exhausted: 4 EXPERT Tips to Boost Energy: A new survey from YouGov has found that 1 in 8 Britons feel tired all the time, while a further quarter (25%) find themselves exhausted ‘most of the time’, and a third (33%) feel tired ‘about half of the time’. Zzzz!

How do we boost our energy levels? We asked Claire Snowdon-Darling, menopause and hormones expert and Head of The College of Functional Wellness, to provide some tips.

She advises, “Lack of energy can come from a number of sources so try some of the following one at a time until you find what works.”

  • Clean up your diet – Blood sugar instability is the number one cause of fatigue. Eating clean, unprocessed whole foods is always what your body wants to feel energised. Make sure you eat protein at every meal and include healthy fats like olive oil and avocado. Reducing sugar, wheat, dairy, caffeine, and alcohol is essential for sustainable energy and including 2 litres of still water a day will make a big difference.
  • Reduce stress – This is easier said than done, but taking some time out every day to do something for you will really help recharge your batteries, even if it is just for 20 minutes. To support your body reduce the effects of the stress hormone cortisol, try an adaptogenic herb such as ashwagandha or Siberian ginseng, plus a magnesium supplement (always check with your doctor or healthcare provider if you are on medication).
  • Learn how to say NO! Trying to please everyone all the time will never work and it will burn you out. Working on your boundaries is incredibly important to ensure you aren’t drained. Boundaries have become a big buzzword in the past few years, so check out online courses or find a therapist who can help you if these feel challenging.
  • Focus on sleep hygiene – it is so tempting to want to watch TV as a reward for a tiring day but the temptation to binge is huge and often we compromise our rest to watch that extra episode of something. Getting strict with bedtimes will mean that you wake up more energised and not depleted. Creating a nourishing bedtime regime with a good book, some peace, and quiet and even some guided meditation to really boost that energy.

Where to find Claire Snowdon-Darling

For more information on Claire Snowdon-Darling, her approach, and programmes, especially for chronic or adrenal fatigue, please get in touch and visit www.clairesnowdon-darling.com

Balanced Wellness Clinic: www.balancedwellness.co.uk

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