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Community interest company steps up to fill menopause education void

Menopause Support has launched a £90,000 fundraising campaign in a bid to get 250,000 copies of the ‘Understanding Menopause’ booklet to women UK-wide.

A grassroots, community interest company has pledged to make essential menopause information available to anyone in the UK who needs it, filling a dangerous void left by the Government and NHS. Menopause Support has announced plans to produce another 250,000 copies of its booklet, ‘Understanding Menopause’ after the initial 100,000 were requested and distributed UK wide in less than four months. Today Menopause Support has launched a £90,000 fundraising appeal to bring this plan to fruition.

Menopause Support, a purpose-over-profit organisation, was founded by Diane Danzebrink in 2015. After going through her own terrifying experience of entering instant menopause following surgery, which left her feeling suicidal, Diane was shocked to discover a woeful lack of factual information about how to manage menopause. She has since set out on a mission to create better, free resources for women and their families so everyone can better understand menopause and access the support and information they need. Having campaigned for more than five years for the Government to produce a quality, freely available guide to help women navigate the menopause, Diane decided she could no longer wait and took matters into her own hands.

In July 2023 Menopause Support published ‘Understanding Menopause – your essential guide to navigating menopause successfully’. Written by Diane’s team, reviewed by four menopause specialist clinicians, and adopted by the British Menopause Society, the 44-page booklet is factual, current and evidence based. Completely free, the PDF of the booklet is available to for any organisation to access and share.

“Approximately 1 in 10 women leave the workplace due to menopause symptoms and, in our Facebook support group of more than 34,500 people, we hear daily, firsthand accounts from women whose lives, relationships and families are imploding due to the hormonal changes that occur during this stage in life,” explains Diane Danzebrink, founder of Menopause Support. “Despite this, GPs and practice nurses still do not receive mandatory menopause training and there is still no Government funded public health campaign for menopause. It is not acceptable that women must struggle during this period of their life without access to specialist medical support and information. We are changing that.”

“In 2023, in just four months, 100,000 copies of the Understanding Menopause booklet were sent out to locations around the UK,” explains Diane Danzebrink. “Many of those who requested copies were GP practices and NHS trusts, clearly demonstrating the void that exists in terms of information about menopause. The booklets have also been sent to community projects, charities, and employers.”

“In 2024 we intend to make ‘Understanding Menopause’ available to lots more people,” continues Diane. “Our aim is to produce and distribute a further 250,000 printed copies so that we can change the lives of thousands of women and the people around them.”

To make this happen, Menopause Support has today launched a £90,000 fundraising appeal. Anyone wishing to contribute can donate via Diane’s GoFundme page.

“For only £5.00, you could be providing more than 13 women with a copy of a booklet that will help them navigate one of the most challenging periods in their life,” says Diane. “Understanding Menopause includes an invaluable explanation on what menopause actually is, a symptom checker, information on treatment options, and vital guidance on how to prepare for a GP appointment.

“In 2024, there is still no Government funded public health campaign to properly inform women what menopause is and how to manage the many symptoms. We are being let down and it is completely unacceptable. That’s why Menopause Support is setting out to raise £90,000 to produce these booklets which could make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of women, their partners, families, friends, colleagues and employers,” concludes Diane.

Download a free copy of the Understanding Menopause booklet and find more information about how to support the fundraising campaign at www.menopausesupport.co.uk.

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