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The race to vaccinate a country

COVID-19 Series: The race to vaccinate a country – Episode 60: The UK is currently undertaking its largest mass-vaccination program to protect millions from a virus that has already killed over 100,000 people in this country.

Date and timeThu 4 Feb 2021 from 12:30pm to 1:15pm: Register to join Episode 60 ‘The race to vaccinate a country’ on Zoom here.

This episode of the COVID-19 Series will focus on the roll-out, offering insight into the strategic and immunological considerations of this historic program.

Hosted by Victoria Macdonald, Channel 4 News Heath and Social Care Editor, our guests will be Danny Mortimer, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, and Professor Sheena Cruickshank, immunologist and Professor in Biomedical Sciences and Public Engagement at the University of Manchester.

The panel will discuss the current status of the roll-out, the latest evidence on the one-shot strategy, as well as offering insights into vaccine take-up among different population groups, immunity and the threat from mutations, and predictions for when we might start to see the impact of mass vaccination.

Key speakers
Victoria Macdonald
Health and Social Care Editor, Channel 4 News. Victoria Macdonald is an award-winning journalist, who has been covering health and social care issues for Channel 4 News since 1999.

Danny Mortimer
Chief Executive, NHS Confederation and former Chief Executive, NHS Employers. Chair – Cavendish Coalition, Trustee – NHS Retirement Fellowship and enei.

Professor Sheena Cruickshank
Immunologist and Professor in Biomedical Sciences and Public Engagement, University of Manchester. She researches how immune responses of the gut are started as a result of infection and/or inflammation. Cruickshank is an award-winning science communicator.

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