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The Number Of Unpaid Carers In Portsmouth Set To Triple Over The Next Decade

The Number of unpaid Carers in Portsmouth set to triple over the next decade as mental health crisis worsens: Portsmouth, a city in the UK known for its vibrant community spirit, is set to face a social care and wellbeing crisis, with the number of unpaid carers across the city set to triple over the next decade.

New research from Portsdown View Care Home, a local care home in Havant, and in partnership with Later Living Marketplace Lottie, has revealed that there will be a 277% rise* in people across Portsmouth taking on caregiving responsibilities over the next 10 years.

Over a quarter of the city’s residents are expected to care for an elderly loved one, alongside employment, childcare, and juggling other life commitments.

Lottie’s new research has also found a surge in online searches from carers in need of wellbeing support. Online searches for ‘carer burnout’ increased by 84% over the last 12 months, with caregiving taking its toll on their wellbeing. There was also a 55% increase in online searches for ‘carer stress’ and a 33% increase for ‘parent carer burnout’ during the same period.

This follows the disappointing news that funding to support the social care sector and workforce – which the Government previously promised has been halved. More must be done to address the caregiving crisis impacting families across the city of Portsmouth and beyond, both financially and emotionally.

Research from Portsdown View Care Home has revealed that Portsmouth will be one of the hardest hit areas across the Southeast:

The number of unpaid carers is expected to grow to unprecedented levels, all whilst the cost of living crisis surges and social care funding continues to decline.
• The number of unpaid carers in Portsmouth will increase by 277% in the next decade*
• In the next 10 years, more than a quarter of people living in Portsmouth with have caregiving responsibilities
• Unpaid carers in Portsmouth are out of pocket by £2,294 per year (and £191.15 per month) due to the cost of caring, even with the additional benefit of Carer’s Allowance**

LocationPercentage Increase Of Unpaid Carers (by 2031)Number of Unpaid Carers (by 2031)
Portsmouth277%More Than A Quarter
Havant258%A Third
Gosport251%A Third
Fareham307%Over A Third


Will Donnelly, Care Expert and Co-Founder at Lottie, warns of the impact of a failing social care system on both caregivers and their elderly loved ones’ wellbeing:

“It’s extremely concerning – but not surprising – to see a huge spike in online searches from worried carers coping with the financial and mental health implications of providing informal care for a loved one.

Unpaid carers are at a much higher risk of burnout, isolation and mental health concerns, due to the lack of appropriate financial and emotional support available. More must be done to protect their wellbeing, especially as we head into winter and the care crisis worsens.

The urgency for unpaid carers to receive practical, emotional, and financial support has never been greater. Unpaid carers provide £193 billion of the UK’s social care system each year and are a fundamental part of the UK’s healthcare system.

As the number of informal caregivers in Portsmouth is set to triple over the next 10 years, local support and resources are becoming more important than ever before.

By investing in local support networks and ensuring caregivers have access to resources, we can reduce the emotional burden and ensure that those in their care receive the best possible assistance,” concludes Donnelly.

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