NHS Staff are Heroic, but They Are Human

Responding to the latest report from the Medical Protection Society on burnout among doctors, Sue Covill, director of development and employment at NHS Employers, said:

“We know our staff undertake heroic work on a daily basis, but we must remember they are human, too. The findings and recommendations of the report highlight the challenging conditions in which our teams work. We welcome the recommendations and will continue to work with employers to ensure doctors feel supported in their workplaces.”

NHS Employers is the employers’ organisation for the NHS in England. We help employers to develop a sustainable workforce, improve staff experience and be the best employers they can be.

Our practical resources and expert insights help make sense of current and emerging healthcare issues, to keep employers up to date with the latest thinking and ensure they are informed and equipped to support the NHS workforce.

We generate opportunities to network and share knowledge and we actively seek the views of workforce leaders to make sure their voice is front and centre of health policy and practice.

We also lead the national collective relationships with trade unions on behalf of the NHS and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

NHS Employers is part of the NHS Confederation charity.


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