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BSPD welcomes NHS dental reforms

BSPD welcomes NHS dental reforms but urges next phase to recognise children’s needs: The BSPD responds to the package of initial revisions to the NHS dental contract by welcoming this as the first step towards dental reforms – but insisting that the next stage needs to go further.

CDO England (Chief Dental Officer), Sara Hurley and Ali Sparke, Director for Dentistry, Community Pharmacy and Optometry, NHS England published the initial stage of NHS dental contract revisions. Their focus is to seek to address the challenges associated with delivering care to higher needs patients and improving patient access to NHS dental services.

It is understood that this is the first of a series of reforms over time, so whilst BSPD welcomes this announcement today, the Society believes that it is important that the voices of children and parents are heard in the next stage.

Professor Claire Stevens CBE, BSPD Spokesperson said: “BSPD recognises that as the first step towards dental reform, the revisions to the NHS dental contract are heading in the right direction. We hope these first stages will help children in areas of high need and those from disadvantaged groups. It is important that every child has a dental home – an ongoing and preventively focused relationship with their oral healthcare team, beginning with a DCby1 (Dental Check by One). We would like to see further contract reform that incentivises evidence-based interventions or moves more towards a capitation-based system for children and young people. We remain able and willing to join future discussions, continuing our advocacy for children and young people.”

About BSPD

• The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) has an established place in the dental profession thanks to the dedication of dentists stretching back over almost 70 years. BSPD’s mission is to improve the oral health of children and young people. The Society’s executive committee provides strategic direction in line with our 3-year plan and oversees our engagement with other special interest groups and political decision makers. BSPD is now in a strong position to campaign for and implement improvements in children’s oral health in the UK.

• BSPD membership has grown steadily over the last few years with a broadened profile. Anyone in the dental profession with an interest in children’s oral health is welcome to join the Society. There are full and associate membership categories which encompass our growing groups of members. These include dentists, dental care professionals (DCPs), dental and DCP students, international members and all members of the dental team. We are clear that you do not need to have a dental qualification to be a member of BSPD, just a genuine passion for children’s dentistry. Discover more at https://www.bspd.co.uk

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