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What is Dyspraxia?

Dyspraxia, a form of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults. It may also affect speech. DCD is a lifelong condition, formally recognised by international organisations including the World Health Organisation. Learn more about Dyspraxia here in this short animation by Abi Hocking, 18, from Porthleven Cornwall, who has dyspraxia. She helped make this animation to promote awareness of the condition.



Hi, my name’s Abi, I’m a diagnosed dyspraxic, which means I find it hard to place myself in time and space. To put it another way I have no spatial awareness and I find it difficult to keep myself organised.

My family first knew I suffered from dyspraxia at 4. Teachers noticed that I bumped into other children and fell off chairs for no reason. I’d even trip over thin air. I was then officially diagnosed with dyspraxia at 11 by a peadiatrician.

Now at 18 I struggle with organising my thoughts and myself. I often find it difficult to organise my sentences. When out and about I am very clumsy, falling over and smacking into walls and doors.
Dyspraxia doesn’t make me stupid, I don’t let it stop me from doing anything. I’ve sometimes been called names because of my dyspraxia, which makes me sad.

Living with dyspraxia would be easier if I wasn’t ridiculed and if more people understood the condition. It would also be nice if there was more help for people with dyspraxia which is why we need to make more people aware of the condition.

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