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MND Awareness Month

The 1st of June marks the beginning of  motor neuron disease awareness month. This year MND Association’s campaign is called Shortened Stories and focuses on the rapid progression of MND; on the lives cut short and stories left unfinished.

Robert, 34, was born in Leeds and now lives in North West London with his wife Sariet and their young baby. Despite being diagnosed with MND a year ago, and having lost use of his limbs and his ability to speak, Robert is still working part time in his role as partner at a law firm.

Robert began writing poetry as a way of expressing the new perspective living with MND had brought to his life. He wrote ‘Fresh Breath’ around a year after he was diagnosed

A sports fanatic, Robert used to go to the gym four times a week with his wife, and loved playing squash and football, but now he has to accept being a spectator..

“My diagnosis brought a fresh perspective on the challenges I once thought were so important,” he says, “and poetry is a therapeutic way of sharing that new perspective.

“If you were told you had a terminal illness not only would you look at your wife even more lovingly like it could be the last time, and smell freshly cut grass like it was the first time, but you would also embrace the rain, find beauty in between the cracks and feel majesty in the mundane. I want to share how my perspective has changed for the better through poetry.

“My daughter is adorable.  My wife has been unbelievable.  I’ve actually had a great year!”

Throughout June MND Association are sharing stories of real people whose lives have been, or will be, cut short by motor neurone disease. Read more here.

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