“What Could I Have Achieved in my 20s With These Tools”

World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.[i]  Although the stigma is starting to change a study by ThinkWell LiveWell found that people are putting their mental health on the back-burner, with over a third ignoring signs of stress and anxiety. The Naked Professor, Ben Bidwell working in association with the mindfulness toolkit ThinkWell-LiveWell opens up about mental health, discusses why it is important to address it and why there is a need for self help platforms for those who are battling against their mental health…

Should We See Mental Wellbeing & Physical Wellbeing In The Same Way? 

“With the rise of social platforms and the constant exposure we have to other’s living highlight reel, we are increasingly competing in a visual world that is asking us to pay more attention to how we present our life, than actually how we live it, how we look than how we actually feel.”

“If physical health is about being able to move well and look good on the outside, mental health is about feeling good on the inside. With physical health being, dare I say it, more shareable, the easy option is to focus our attention on what can be visibly seen by others, rather than paying attention to how life actually feels on the inside.”

“Life changes when we work harder at how we feel than how we look. When we actually live a life that inspires us, rather than one that presents well to others but feels empty on the inside, then we start to become proud of ourselves – our self-esteem grows. The ThinkWell LiveWell platform shows us new ways of thinking and being that can help us feel good.”

Why Do We Need To Change Our Mind-set Now More Than Ever?

“Life isn’t about what happens to us, it’s about how we perceive it. When my Dad sat at his desk working as a solicitor for 12 plus hours a day whilst I was a young child in the 80’s, he may have felt frustrated about the work he was doing at times, but he wasn’t constantly shown how others are living entirely different lives with much more freedom. Without seeing everyone else’s life, Dad got on with what he knew best without negative comparisons impacting the perception he had for his own life.”

“In today’s social media driven world, we are exposed to everyone’s highlight reels & increasingly subjected to the wonderful lives some people are living. We are in an era where we all want to live the dream; the idea of getting our head down and living a simple, clean lifestyle is becoming harder to be grateful for. As a result, our mental health needs support more than ever, and one of the great things about ThinkWell LiveWell is that it includes a number of practical exercises which show you how you can implement a mind-set that will impact your life in a better way.”

Just Like We’re All Different Physically… We’re All Mentally Unique

“ThinkWell LiveWell answers the individual needs of each person that are not being met by the Mindfulness programmes currently in the marketplace. That is because ThinkWell-LiveWell tailors each individuals personal mental health needs in a practical and accessible way through a combination of mindfulness-based therapies together in one place. There is no one size fits all approach to personal development, what works for you may be different for me, we are all engaged by different methodologies, this platform provides a solution for every type of person.”

“It fills me with hope that an affordable and accessible education like this is now available for every individual who wishes to better their mind-set and improve as a person. We can all change for the better if we, quite literally, put our mind to it, we just need to learn how. We are all unique and all face our own challenges, but here sits an individually tailored programme that will help each person learn how to be a better version of themselves and how to live a more fulfilling life.”

“I often wonder what life would have been like if I had access to information like this at an earlier age, what could I have achieved in my twenties with these tools”

It takes 21 days to form a new habit so why not sign up to ThinkWell-LiveWell, for just £8.00 a month, and see how much mindfulness and more can help you!


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