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Jeff Brazier bares all for grieving men

Jeff Brazier gets naked to encourage grieving men to open up as part of #BareYourself @StrongMenOrgUk social media movement.  Actors, sportsmen, comedians all bare themselves to encourage men to talk as 47% of UK men lack the confidence to show their emotions.

Jeff Brazier, alongside footballer Bobby Zamora, Corrie favourite, Antony Cotton, and Ronan Keating have taken their clothes off as part of a social media campaign, #BareYourself to encourage men to open up about their feelings, especially when dealing with grief.

grieving men

CRISIS IN CONFIDENCE OF MEN – Celebs bare all to help men talk. Footballer Bobby Zamora

The UK favourites, alongside StrongMen, a charity dedicated to supporting men through grief, are encouraging grieving men in the UK to open up and share their emotions.

According to new research released by StrongMen, 1 in 3 of all UK men find it difficult to show their emotions with 47%  struggling because they don’t have the confidence to open up about their feelings and 45% are embarrassed to talk to friends and family. But failure to deal with emotions can be life threatening.

#BareYourself has been started in response to the findings, calling on all men to ‘bare themselves’ to raise awareness of how important it is to share, talk and connect with your friends and family.

StrongMen research also reveals that 1 in 4 men think it’s unmanly to show their emotions but tackling these stigmas is important to help create positive change in mental health.

Bobby Zamora comments ” I don’t know why it’s so hard for men to talk, when StrongMen asked me to get involved I thought it was something I wanted to share to help even one person get the support they need. If my followers can share a photo and nominate their friends too then hopefully we can reach all of the men that feel it’s unmanly to talk”

“Mental health issues within men are a difficult subject to tackle for many reasons. Grief is one of the biggest causes of conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and in extreme cases, PTSD,” explains Dan, StrongMen Founder. Co-Founder Efrem Brynin comments “The StrongMen charity helps men speak out about their problems and share their feelings and #BareYourself’s aim is to reach as many men as possible to encourage them to open up.”

How to get involved:

From midday 1st June and throughout the month, StrongMen are asking men to take a photo, baring a part of their body they wouldn’t (or would) normally be comfortable showing, covering themselves in any way they wish to get men talking about their feelings and encouraging men to share their grief.

Share a tasteful photo of your body you wouldn’t normally have the confidence to show and help @StrongMenOrgUK to support men suffering through grief. Text STRONG to 70085 to donate £5 and nominate 5 male friends to take on the challenge. #BareYourself, it’s never unmanly to talk.

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