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How to claim for cosmetic surgery negligence

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How Do I Claim for Cosmetic Surgery Negligence? Although the overwhelming majority of cosmetic surgeries have the desired outcome, there are occasions where things go wrong and the eventual outcome isn’t as expected.

In such instances, patients can suffer significant health and financial issues, while the worst cases may even see individual endure debilitating consequences for life.

But what constitutes negligent cosmetic surgery, and how can you process a claim for compensation? Let’s find out.

What do we Mean by Negligent Cosmetic Surgery?

Ultimately, all doctors have a duty of care to their patients, and must demonstrate that they’ve adhered to this before, during and after any associated treatments.

This applies to private and cosmetic practitioners in addition to NHS doctors, and instances where healthcare practitioners fail to uphold their duty of care may result in clinical negligence claims.

When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, negligence usually describes circumstances where a patient would have avoided harm or an adverse outcome if the medical professional in question had taken alternative action.

In such cases, the onus is on you to demonstrate negligence and how it has impacted on your, both in terms of your physical (and mental) wellbeing and ability to earn.

What are the Common Causes of Neglect?

While instances of surgical negligence are mercifully rare, there are a few common causes and triggers when incidents do occur.

For example, complications may occur during surgery, although for negligence to be proven, these would have to have been realistically foreseen and accounted for by a healthcare professional prior to the treatment being carried out.

Another common issue may see an error made by an anaesthetist, while you may also suffer as a result of an inadequate or negligence pre-op examination.

Similarly, lax post-operative care or a failure to inform patients of how to look after themselves in the wake of surgery may also be negligent if such claims can be proven.

How Can You Process a Claim?

As the burden of proof is on you when demonstrating medical negligence, it’s important that you gather has much photographic evidence and documentation as possible if you’re to make a viable claim for compensation.

Also, it’s important to make regular trips to the doctor and create an electronic record of your pain and suffering in the event of surgery, while keeping the receipts of any subsequent expenses.

This will build a body of evidence that enables you to create a viable link between the surgery and your subsequent ailments, but it can prove challenging when dealing with the fallout from cosmetic surgery negligence.

So, to aid this process, you may want to consider liaising with a medical negligence solicitor, who can help collate evidence on your behalf while ensuring that you have all the necessary documentation to support your particular case.

Similarly, a qualified legal expert will negotiate an eventual settlement on your behalf, using their legal expertise to guarantee the best possible outcome.

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The Healthy Treatments
The Healthy Treatments
10 months ago

If you believe you have experienced cosmetic surgery negligence, it is important to take action. Consult a qualified legal professional to understand your rights and potential claim options. Your well-being matters, and seeking justice is essential. 

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