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The Flexible Family Cookbook

75 quick and easy recipes with over 200 options to keep the whole family happy

The Flexible Family Cookbook

The Flexible Family Cookbook by Jo Pratt

‘Eating together as a family is such an important occasion. When you eat together, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up, relax, get things off your chest and generally have a good time’ says Jo Pratt, author of bestselling titles The Flexible Vegetarian and The Flexible Pescatarian.

A cookbook to suit the whole family’s differing wants and needs, The Flexible Family Cookbook offers a variety of family friendly recipes that can be used for cooking balanced, nutritious meals to suit a variety of requirements. Recipes that include a number of flexible options so they’re suitable for everyone to eat together. Think of it as the Swiss army knife of cookbooks. A multi-tool to provide practical recipe solutions for the demands and challenges of modern family life.

Traybakes and one-pot roasts make for easy and convenient timesavers, whilst scrumptious puds and simple bakes help get smaller hands involved in the cooking.

Covering everything from gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free cooking and veganism, to suggestions for flavour and spice adjustments for younger or fussier palettes, his book will be a lifesaver in the kitchen and a crowd-pleaser at the table.Jo Pratt

Jo Pratt is an award-winning writer, cook, food stylist and presenter. She is a best-selling author of seven cookbooks, including In the Mood for Food, The Flexible Vegetarian and most recently, The Flexible Pescatarian. Jo has worked with many high-profile chefs and brands including Marcus Waring, Jamie Oliver and the late Gary Rhodes.

8th September 2020 | Frances Lincoln £20.00 | Hardback

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