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How to remove pesticides and pathogens from your food

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Most of the food in the world is grown using pesticides. Cultivating plants on a mass scale without chemicals is a big risk for farmers. Plants can get disease at any time or be infected by parasites or natural pests.

Pesticides feed the planet, but at the same time they harm people’s health. With the increase in the use of pesticides, the number of people susceptible to allergies, suffering from tumors and neurodegenerative diseases is growing. According to WHO, more than 300 million people suffer from pesticide poisoning every year; 20,000 of these cases are fatal.

Agricultural products exported from developing countries such as China, Mexico, India or African countries tend to be cheaper to produce due to economic factors and the high use of pesticides. Inattention to hygiene standards during farming and processing may leave your food vulnerable to infection by viruses, mold, bacteria and parasites. Whilst some people opt to wash their produce in water, technology is available to clean and purify your food within your home to a much higher standard.

Milerd Detoxer cleans food products at a molecular level from harmful trace elements (pesticides, toxins, heavy metals) and dangerous pathogens (parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi). It does not wash away large pieces of dirt and earth from the food since this requires mechanical action, for example, with a washcloth or just with your hand.

Active oxygen is a powerful disinfectant. In water, it creates a highly oxidizing environment which disinfects foods and objects that come into contact with. For example, in wine production, the oak barrels in which wine is stored are treated with active oxygen. Thus, it is possible to eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold that have settled much deeper within the fabric of the wood than on the surface. In addition to removing microorganisms, active oxygen destroys pesticides, among which the most common herbicide that poses the danger to buyers, notably: glyphosate.

Ultrasound has long been used to clean objects. In a liquid medium, ultrasound creates the process of ultrasonic cavitation where microscopic bubbles of gas or steam form on the surface of objects in the liquid. These bubbles collapse quickly, releasing a large amount of shock energy which tears off particles of dirt from the surface and also destroys microorganisms. Ultrasound is actively used to purify water on an industrial scale. Ultrasonic cavitation also destroys pesticide residues and heavy metals such as arsenic.

The Milerd Detoxer integrates both Active Oxygen and Ultrasound cleaning processes, normally used on an industrial scale, to your home in a portable format. The device saturates water with high levels of active oxygen and ultrasonic cavitation to remove dangerous pathogens and harmful trace elements from your food.

The combination of electrochemical and ultrasonic cleaning and a software-algorithmic approach to food cleaning allows the Milerd Detoxer to achieve 99.7% cleaning efficiency. This has been confirmed by independent laboratories in Switzerland and the European Union.

Milerd Detoxer has combined two very effective methods of product processing and reduced the size of huge industrial installations to a device that will easily fit in a shelf in the kitchen. You can check the laboratory tests results here – https://milerd.com/products/detoxer.

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