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Diabetes UK launches £100k research grant into COVID-19 and diabetes

In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Diabetes UK has today launched a £100,000 grant, available for scientists to study how coronavirus affects people living with diabetes. The charity is urging scientists to submit their research applications now.

· £100,000 grant could help answer vital questions about COVID-19 and diabetes
· In light of the urgency around COVID-19, applications will undergo a one stage, rapid review, process
· Deadline for applications is 20 April 2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone across the world, but there’s uncertainty about whether people with diabetes could be more vulnerable.

Infection with Coronaviruses similar to COVID-19 can, in some cases, cause more severe symptoms and complications in people with diabetes. However, with COVID-19 being a new type of virus, there is an urgent need to fill in the current gaps in knowledge around how it affects people living with any type of diabetes.

This is why the charity is reaching out to scientists across the UK to apply for the £100,000 grant funding to help answer vital questions about COVID-19 and diabetes.

From investigating which groups of people with diabetes might be at greater risk of complications from COVID-19, to looking at the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of those living with diabetes, the charity hopes to see a range of important research questions being raised.

This will help rapidly improve the advice that can be given to people living with diabetes, and help them keep safe and healthy during this uncertain time.

Applicants are encouraged to work across disciplines and collaborate with other researchers to develop innovative proposals.

While there are no restrictions on the areas of focus that will be accepted to the call, and Diabetes UK will not exclude specific research areas, applicants are encouraged to consider the COVID-19 priority areas identified by NIHR and the MRC. Proposals should:
· Support collaboration and multidisciplinary thinking where possible.
· Be feasible and able to start as soon as possible.
· Have clear potential benefit to people living with diabetes.
· Not exceed a total cost of £100,000 and a duration of 24 months.

Dr Elizabeth Robertson, Director of Research at Diabetes UK, said:
“COVID-19 is a pandemic unprecedented in living memory, and there’s much we don’t yet understand about its impact on people living with diabetes. We know it’s a hugely concerning time and to make sure that we can best support and advise people with diabetes, we urgently need to fill this research gap. That’s why this rapid response funding call is so important. It will bring together researchers and equip them to answer the pressing questions around COVID-19 and diabetes.”

The deadline for applications is 20 April 2020. More information about how to apply for a Diabetes UK grant available at https://www.diabetes.org.uk/research/for-researchers/apply-for-a-grant.

Photo: Matej Kastelic /Shutterstock.com

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