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HOW TO | Vaccinate 710,000 people in 10 days

Organising a successful mass vaccination takes much more than just providing a vaccine to those in need. In the contexts where MSF traditionally works, infrastructures are often weak, especially when it comes to communication. In these instances, it’s a real challenge to make people aware of the service we provide.

In August 2016, MSF participated to one of the largest ever yellow fever vaccination campaigns to take place in Africa: over 10 million people were vaccinated in the Democratic Republic of Congo within just 10 days. MSF managed the campaign in three neighbourhoods of the sprawling megalopolis of Kinshasa, reaching 710.000 people vaccinated against yellow fever – an excellent vaccination cover of 95% of the population in those areas. This required the dedication of the health promotion team, mostly national Congolese staff, who tirelessly crisscrossed the dense city to convince people to get their shots.

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