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HIV: public knowledge and attitudes report launch webinar

The 2021 UK HIV Public Knowledge and Attitudes Survey is a collaborative piece of research from the National AIDS Trust, Fast Track Cities London and research agency BritainThinks. In this piece of research we have explored what the public thinks, knows and feels about HIV using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including:

• Knowledge and attitudes towards HIV among the general public and among key subgroups

• Behaviours related to HIV

• Support for policy interventions on HIV

• Impact of information on views of HIV

At this webinar Anastasia Knox (Associate Partner and head of the health practice at BritainThinks) and Katy Allen (Research Lead, BritainThinks) present the key findings from this research. They are joined by Professor Jane Anderson (Co-Chair of Fast Track Cities London), Kat Smithson (Director of Policy and Communications at National AIDS Trust) and a panel of experts and community members who share their reflections on the work and its implications. Panellists: Angelina Namiba (Chair) Marc Thompson Jamie Bennett Rebecca Mbewe Shamil Warraich Robert James This webinar was recorded on Thursday 29 July 2021

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