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Coronavirus Disease WHO Situation Update

Coronavirus disease WHO situation update (COVID19) Report 71

  • No new countries/territories/areas reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24
  • As mentioned by the Director-General in his regular media briefing yesterday,
    ensuring free movement of essential health products is vital for saving lives
    and curbing the social and economic impacts of the pandemic. WHO is
    working intensively with partners to increase access to life-saving products,
    including diagnostics, PPE, medical oxygen, ventilators and more. For more
    information: https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-generals-opening-remarks-at-the-media-briefing-on-covid-19—30-march-2020
  • Operations support and logistics continues to monitor critical markets and in
    partnership with the Pandemic Supply Chain Network, has increased
    engagement and coordination with private companies. Since the beginning of
    the outbreak, OSL has shipped more than 800 000 surgical masks, 54 000 N95
    masks, 873 000 globes, 15 000 goggles and 24 000 face shields to 75 countries.
    OSL has also shipped COVID-19 testing kits to 126 countries. For more details,
    please see ‘subject in focus’. (p2)

The full 11 page report can be read here.

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Chris Exley
Chris Exley
4 years ago

The WHO is the fuel behind this unnecessary fire. Incompetence turning to blind panic. We can only hope that this, there most egregious error, will be the demise of this sick organisation.

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