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Christopher Exley on the Aluminium Age

Del Bigtree of Highwire interviews Prof Christopher Exley, following the 2018 11th Autoimmunity Congress held in Lisbon, Portugal.

By the Aluminium Research Group – The Bioinorganic Chemistry of Aluminium & Silicon YouTube channel. Presentations, documentaries, interviews, press releases and more can all be found here. Please pay us a visit at www.keele.ac.uk/aluminium where you can learn more about our research group, based at Keele University in the UK.

Professor Chris Exley
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5 years ago

Excellent interview. Every doctor should watch it, and every vaccine sales person – indeed, everyone connected with the vaccine industry as pusher or patient.

Luiz Carareto
Luiz Carareto
2 years ago

Hi Dr.Exley, can you help me with this? I’m a Brazilian biochemist who studies aluminum neurotoxicology, and after reading a ton of articles I’m still intrigued by what silicon components can do to aluminum in the mammalian body. Whereas in all non-human animal studies, silicon is only added to the diet concurrently with Al, and not after Al has already accumulated in the body (mainly brain). It would be interesting to know if Silica could remove already accumulated aluminum, especially in animals with longer lifespans (respecting ethical guidelines, of course). Is it possible that silicone not only prevents aluminum absorption,… Read more »

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