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World Heart Day notices from Arrhythmia Alliance

World Heart Day notices from Arrhythmia Alliance:

This #WorldHeartDay register for Arrhythmia Alliance’s Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC)

Sunday 9 – Tuesday 11 October 2022 at The ICC Birmingham.

Attend the Symposia at our flagship event to meet healthcare professionals across all disciplines with an interest in arrhythmias. View the full agenda: https://loom.ly/D4_1Y_I Register and find out more: https://loom.ly/25TMCzo

#UseHeart #HRC2022

Global AF Aware Week Start the conversation about Global AF Aware Week 2022 today! This #WorldHeartDay we’re raising awareness of Atrial Fibrillation: through detect, protect, correct, perfect. Taking place from 21 – 27 November 2022, we have lots planned for #GAFAW2022!

Help us spread the word in the run up to Global AF Aware Week 2022! 🔗 Find out more here: https://loom.ly/knbFc8Q

Arrhythmia Alliance This #WordlHeartDay, visit the #DefibsSaveLives virtual office. It’s fully interactive and full of important resources that we offer to inform and educate about a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, CPR, the chain of survival and the use of AEDs. If you want to learn how to:

✅ Learn how to use AEDs, and view our training resources ✅Learn about the importance of AEDs in your communities 🔗Click the link to find out more: https://loom.ly/Rn_N-D4 #UseHeart

Today is #WorldHeartDay, the perfect time to encourage arrhythmia patients to register for our upcoming online educational event

From 14 October, join us and other patients from all over the world for #PatientsDay2022! Receive access to the latest patient information from the Arrhythmia Experts. Highlights of the event will include:

✅ How Pacemakers, CRT \ ICD\ S-ICDs can help in the treatment of heart failure ✅ What do I need to know about my…Supraventricular Tachycardia ✅ Alternative therapies for arrhythmias

Can’t make it on the day? You can still access all the information – available online for 12 months! Register today: https://loom.ly/GR8_JvQ #PatientsDay2022 #WorldHeartDay #UseHeart

AF Association This #WorldHeartDay, check the rhythm of your heart – it could save your life! Visit the #KnowYourPulse virtual office to learn how to:

✅ Carry out regular manual pulse checks ✅Use devices to help you check your pulse Visit the office: https://loom.ly/YQlBdt8 #UseHeart

This #WorldHeartDay, register for our online educational event to access to the latest patient information from Atrial Fibrillation experts.

The best part? The complete library of information, including learning about the latest developments in the management of AF, treatment options and much more, will be available online for 12 months – so you can access it from your own home, whenever you need it! 💻 View the agenda: https://loom.ly/ksCtNvw Launching 14 October, register today: https://loom.ly/EhoIdBI #PatientsDay2022 #UseHeart


This #WorldHeartDay, remember there is no such thing as a simple faint

Via our #STARS Virtual Office, you can take a look at our resources to help you manage your condition. If you are seeking guidance and information, click the link below to learn and understand more. https://loom.ly/qIA7nUw #WorldHeartDay #UseHeart

This #WorldHeartDay, register to join us and patients from all over the world for STARS online #PatientsDay!

Available online from 14 October, learn about the latest developments in the management of Syncope, including RAS, remove ‘Vasovagal’ Syncope, Psychogenic Blackouts and PoTS. Highlights include:

✅ How is RAS diagnosed? Would a video help a diagnosis? ✅Psychogenic syncope (symptoms mimic those of VVS and PoTS)

The virtual platform will give you access to our vast library of videos – available online for 12 months. View the agenda: https://loom.ly/C_a3Bmo Register today: https://loom.ly/mM4lVcg #UseHear

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