Sudden Cardiac Death – Number One Killer in the UK

29 May 2019 – Chipping Norton, UK – World Heart Rhythm Week, the brainchild of Arrhythmia Alliance, is highlighting the importance of knowing your heart rhythm. Arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm disorder) is the number one killer in the UK and causes up to 100,000 sudden cardiac deaths each year killing more people than breast cancer, lung cancer and Aids combined. 80% of these deaths could be avoided if more people were aware of their heart rhythm (and not just their heart rate).
Sudden cardiac death and arrhythmias cause 15 – 20% of deaths worldwide annually yet there is currently no required program of pulse rhythm checks or heart rhythm screening at regular health check-ups. Something as simple as Knowing Your Pulse to Knowing Your Heart Rhythm, can save your life or reduce your risk of a debilitating or life threatening AF-related stroke – the most severe type of stroke. It only takes 30 seconds. It’s so simple that people of all ages, young and old, can learn how to do it.
This year Arrhythmia Alliance World Heart Rhythm Week will be held from 3 – 9 June and we are asking the public and healthcare professionals to support our mission to raise awareness of arrhythmias. Supporters can hold an awareness event, share and display information and spread the word on social media.

Trudie Lobban MBE, Founder and Trustee of Arrhythmia Alliance stated that, “We know we should eat healthily, exercise more and we all have devices, gadgets, phones, even watches that tell us our heart rate, but how many of us know our heart rhythm?  Arrhythmias cause more deaths worldwide than cancer, affecting anyone of any age, yet we choose to ignore the most important organ in our body – our heart.

Our key message this year is We Hear(t) You. We are asking people to ‘listen’ to your heart – is the rhythm too fast? Is it too slow? Is the rhythm irregular? That may be your heart telling you something is wrong.

Anyone can ‘hear’ the rhythm of their heart by simply putting three fingers on their wrist and ‘listening’ to whether it is regular, irregular, too fast, too slow. We all should be able to say ‘We Hear(t) You’ about our own hearts and those of our loved ones – it really is the difference between life and death for so many. We accept that knowing our heart rate and blood pressure is important. We just need to add heart rhythm to ensure we truly are healthy. With the introduction of mobile ECG’s being introduced onto our phones and watches, there really is no excuse why literally everyone should be aware of their heart rhythm.”

Why it is important to Know Your Pulse
• Arrhythmias cause up to 100,000 sudden cardiac deaths in the UK each year – over 250 every day, more than breast cancer, lung cancer and AIDS combined.

• Sudden cardiac death (SCD) and arrhythmia account for 15–20 % of all deaths worldwide.

To find out how to ‘Know Your Pulse’ call us for information or visit to learn in 4 easy steps.
Arrhythmia Alliance has a team ready to hear from people who are concerned. If you have questions or would like more information, please call today. A simple call could save your life and those of your loved ones.
We Hear(t) You…. make sure you ‘Hear(t)’ the rhythm of your heart.

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