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BSPD urges “Don’t forget the children”

As the bell tolls for NHS dentistry, BSPD urges “Don’t forget the children”.

A statement from Claire Stevens CBE, BSPD Spokesperson:

“Amid this crisis in NHS dentistry and discussions of a core offer, we must make children’s oral health the priority. Paediatric dentists are urging all political parties to make provision for early access to preventatively-focused NHS dental care for every child – with special provisions for those from low socio-economic groups. All children deserve what we call a ‘dental home’ – a local NHS dentist available to them from infancy.

NHS dentistry as we know it cannot continue without significant reform and investment, but whatever happens our plea is “Don’t forget the children!” We know that a preventative approach not only works, but importantly also delivers a proven return on investment, particularly when interventions are targeted at the most vulnerable children. Early good oral health habits will set a child on the path to a healthy mouth for a lifetime.

“Reform is long overdue and BSPD is keen to engage. We wrote to Victoria Atkins MP a month ago with our ‘Blueprint’ to get children’s oral health services back on track. We await a response.”

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