Christophe Sauerwein

Academic Director at ICAAD
Christophe has been on his journey of recovery since 1999. After 17 years in investment banking and private equity, Christophe turned his life over and became a leading therapist in addiction, relational childhood trauma and dysfunctional relationships. Christophe holds an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling and fully qualified in Childhood Trauma Reduction therapy (PIT/Pia Mellody model), Sex Addiction (Paula Hall Model) and Attachment and Relationship disorders (Pia Mellody model). After having worked with the Priory North London Hospital, Christophe developed his private practice in Harley Street, joined the Hale Clinic in late 2015 and has now moved into his independent private practice in High Street Kensington, London. Fortunately for us, his ridiculously sized brain means he finds time to be iCAAD’s Academic Director as well as his many other commitments. He passion lies in all things academic and the acquisition of knowledge. Working on his own, personal research has proven to be mutually beneficial for his role as iCAAD’s Academic Director

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