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How to make living alone as a senior easier 

Are you a senior who lives alone? If so, you’re probably well aware of just how difficult it can be to get by on your own. This is especially true if you don’t have any close family members nearby to help out when needed.  

But don’t worry – living on your own doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are plenty of things you can do to make life easier and more comfortable.  

In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to make living alone as a senior easier. 

Ask for Help When You Need It 

One of the best ways to make living alone as a senior easier is to ask for help when you truly need it. Although it’s often difficult for seniors to ask for assistance, there are plenty of things they can do to make their lives much easier.  

For example, if your washing machine breaks down or your roof starts leaking, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can either call a nearby repairman or hire someone you trust. It might take some convincing before they agree to help, but once you’re on your own, you’ll realize that asking for assistance is actually quite simple. 

Get Someone to Help Mow the Lawn 

One of the biggest time-consuming chores for seniors living on their own is mowing the lawn. You can hire someone to do it if you don’t have much time or patience, but this will require some planning and communication skills. Simply ask a family member or friend if they’re willing to help out with your lawn every now and then. This way you’ll have time to do other things that are just as important. 

Get a Medical Alert System 

Did you know that wearing a medical alert system can significantly reduce your risk of falling? This type of device is worn around the neck and will send an emergency response team to your location if it detects a fall.  

Seniors living alone should definitely get one of these devices because it might save their life in the future. With these medical alert systems for seniors, you can live on your own and never worry about getting hurt. 

Get Involved in a Hobby or Activity You Enjoy 

The key to living alone as a senior is having something you truly enjoy doing all the time. Singing, painting, cooking; whatever it may be; try to get involved with it as much as possible. You’ll feel much happier and more relaxed as a result of doing things you love. Try joining some senior citizen groups, too.  

By doing what you love, you reap tremendous mental health benefits.  

Clean Your Condo or Home Frequently 

While cleaning your home by yourself might seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. To make cleaning easier, you should clean your condo or home frequently. For example, if possible, try doing it once a day. By doing this every single day, you’ll get the entire process done in just a few hours. Simply grab some cleaning supplies and start working. 

Try Staying Busy 

The more productive you are, the easier it will be to get through each day. This is why it’s important for seniors to stay busy all the time. Spend some time working around the house or just relaxing in your living room. As long as you’re doing something that makes you feel good, everything will be okay.  

Remember that stress and depression is something that’s common among seniors living alone. So, the more productive you are, the less likely these negative feelings will affect you. 

Get a Dog 

Having a dog is an excellent way to protect yourself and improve your health at the same time. Seniors who live alone can definitely benefit from having one of these loving creatures.  

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big dog, just as long as it can protect you when needed and you have the ability to properly care for the animal. You’ll certainly feel a lot more secure in your home having a dog around. 

Get a Roommate 

If for some reason you really want to live by yourself but are scared of doing so, you might want to consider getting a roommate. This can be anyone that you feel comfortable living with – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a close friend of family member.  

Just make sure the person is responsible and understands your rules and regulations. They may not initially like them, but they’ll get used to them after an extended period of time. 

Eat Healthy Food 

Eating healthy food is something many seniors recommend for their peers. Seniors living on their own need to take care of themselves so they can be strong and stay healthy until the very end. Good eating habits are important because if you eat poor-quality junk food, chances are your health will suffer as a result. Try eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and healthy proteins like fish or lean beef. 

Get Rid of Toxins in Your Home 

When you’re alone at your house or condo, it’s important to be as safe as possible. For example, if you have any harmful chemicals lying around the living room or kitchen, it’s important to get rid of them immediately – especially if you have small children or pets. You never know what might happen to these creatures if they inhale the chemicals and become seriously ill. 

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure 

When seniors live on their own, it’s important for them to secure their homes as much as possible. If you’re scared that someone might break into your condo or home, make sure to do whatever it takes to prevent them from doing so. Installing deadbolt locks, alarm systems and even surveillance cameras are great ways to keep homes safe for seniors living alone. 

Get a Wallet with an ID Holder 

This might seem like an unimportant item, but it’s something that can actually be very useful. A special wallet with an ID holder attached to it is great for seniors who live alone because they need to carry their ID around all the time. If you don’t have one of these wallets yet, try getting one soon. 


There are many things that seniors living alone should try to do. From keeping your home safe and secure, to getting rid of harmful toxins in your house, it’s important you do whatever possible to increase safety and reduce stress.  

Just make sure to tutor yourself on these special tips and follow them when needed.  

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