Hearing loss: a major public health issue?

Professor Chris Plack

Chris Plack studied at the University of Cambridge, where he was awarded a BA in Natural Sciences in 1987, and a PhD in 1990. He held research positions at the University of Minnesota and at the University of Sussex, before being awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in 1994, which he held at Sussex and then at the University of Essex. He was Senior Lecturer and then Chair in the Psychology Department at the University of Essex, before moving to Lancaster University in 2005. He moved again to the University of Manchester in 2008, and he currently holds two part-time positions, as Ellis Llwyd Jones Professor of Audiology at the University of Manchester, and as Professor of Auditory Neuroscience at Lancaster University. Chris has over 90 publications in academic journals, and has written an introductory textbook on hearing and edited two other volumes. In 2003 he was elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America.
Professor Chris Plack

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