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’Tis the season for kissable lips under the mistletoe

With mistletoe, celebrations and joy in the air, many people consider investing more time into looking their best during the festive season. On average, four patients out of 10 who request non-surgical procedures come to see me for lip augmentation, as they desire fuller lips, contoured edges and a beautiful aesthetic shape. This contributes to a more youthful, relaxed look.

Based on my experience, there are many different lip types due to family traits – thin, thick, droopy, uneven – so the result an individual seeks is very dependent on their initial shape. The most popular shapes that people wish to achieve can be grouped into the following categories:

‘Bee stung’ lips

Hence the name, ‘bee stung’ lips is a type of look which focuses on making both lips fuller and bigger. This style is the most sought-after. This simply offers the most pronounced shape and a projected profile to the lips. This option is usually requested by individuals with naturally thin lips.

‘Cupid’s Bow’ lips

This style focuses on contouring the edges of the lips and giving them a heart shape. The volume is average, however, there is much emphasis on the design and outline. The term ‘Cupid’s bow’, inspired by the Roman god of erotic love, comes from the dip lip below the nose (the double curve of an upper lip) – this style projects the ‘bow’ greatly.

Upper ‘plump pump’ lip

This style is usually desired by patients who have a larger bottom lip and are pursuing more plump in their top lip. It offers slightly more volume and results in a more harmonious look.

‘The mean’ look

This type of lip is usually desired by those who want to make a statement with their look. If a patient requests this, the doctor will widen the flares to make the lips larger and stretched, resulting in the individual possessing a ‘killer pout’.

‘Goldilocks’ lips

This type is for patients who don’t want their lips too thin or too thick – they want it just right. After the procedure, the double curve of the upper lip won’t be very pronounced, however, the result is smooth and even, aiming to deliver the most natural looking outcome.

For those who are considering having lip enhancement procedures, always follow these key safety tips:

Tip 1: Do your due diligence

The most important aspect of the procedure is to book it with by a consultant with appropriate credentials. As there is no UK legislation around who can do the procedure, many people are tempted to get injected with fillers in spas or salons. This procedure is ultimately changing the way you look and might impact your health, so make sure you go with someone you can trust to carry out such a treatment.

A common mistake many people make is going to their local salon to get the procedure done because it is cheaper. Getting your lips filled by someone who is not a professional could lead to poor results and you may experience several days of discomfort. I advise that patients have at least two consultations with a credited cosmetic practitioner before having the treatment done.

Tip 2: Make sure you’re a suitable candidate

Do not pursue lip fillers just to ‘fit’ an ideal beauty standard. Set out realistic expectations for the result and take into consideration any health conditions you have. Before any treatment, an assessment needs to be made of the individual’s face to determine suitability. Anyone with an active cold sore or oral herpes should also avoid the treatment; caution must also be taken by anyone who has lupus, diabetes or a potential blood clotting disorder.

Tip 3: Be aware of what the procedure entails

Once you’ve found a reputable consultant and know you don’t suffer from any kind of condition which may affect the result, it’s time to be vigilant during the procedure. Be sure to see the product you are being injected with during the treatment – check that it is being taken out of the box and is sealed. You should be able to see exactly what is going on and the full procedure should be transparent.

Dr Foued Hamza has been practising cosmetic surgery for over 20 years and is currently consulting in the heart of London, just off Harley Street.

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