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Mindfulness, which is essentially meditation rebranded for the squeamish, is embedded in the history of Indic consciousness traditions such as the Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists going back thousands of years. …

Misdiagnosis: a personal story

There’s a condition that most doctors have never heard of, yet the group of patients that it affects are most likely experts on the condition. It’s a deadly condition that …

The Triage Trio
A triple helping of common sense.

Drugs Review
The latest amazing breakthroughs in drugs research.

On the Critical List
We tell you why & how it can be brought back from the brink.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
How medicine has evolved and where it is going.


Battle Of The Bulges! (1941)

Various shots of  1940s glamour girls in swimsuits and high heels using exercise machines in a gym. The machines are “the latest mechanised units” of the kind that massage away …


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