Covid-19 lockdown and people with hearing loss

Study reveals how people with hearing loss are affected by Covid-19 lockdown. A new report into how people with hearing…

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Yoga for Osteoporosis

The benefits of a yoga practice and Osteoporosis for an ageing population by Leah Nylander of West Coast Yoga, Australia.…

Leah Nylander

Mosquito Stowaways

Tracking The Movement Of Mosquito Stowaways:  Dengue mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes pose a range of challenges to global health, but…

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Large proportion of NHS workers may have already had Covid-19

A large proportion of UK healthcare workers may already have been infected with Covid-19, according to new research led by…

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BGS responds to reports of a withdrawal of funding for COVID-19 rehabilitation

The British Geriatrics Society was alarmed to learn that there has been a U turn in Government policy regarding the…

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Covid-19: Not all patients develop protective antibodies

A laboratory test that has now been developed by a study group from MedUni Vienna is able to determine whether…

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