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The top 10 European countries burning the most calories during sex

A new study reveals the European countries burning the most calories during sex.

Research conducted by online fitness resource Total Shape analysed data on key calorie-burning indicators in each European country, including the average weight of men and women and the calories calculated by the average duration of the activity in seconds. This data then indicated which country burns the most and least calories during sex.

United Kingdom came in 18th place for European countries burning the most calories during 10 minutes of sex, burning 161.79 calories in total. According to Harbourside Fish and Chips there are 861 calories in the average portion of fish and chips, meaning UK couples will need to have sex for 53 minutes in total to burn off just a singular portion of fish and chips between them.

1. The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has landed in first spot with an average of 168.59 calories per 10 minutes of sex. Czech men burn 11% more calories during 10 minutes of sex than the average Czech woman, with 93.28 calories burned. Couples in The Czech Republic burn 21.1 more calories every ten minutes during sex than those in Portugal.

2. Croatia

Croatia lands in second place, with only a 0.10 calorie difference; there are an average of 168.49 calories burned for every 10 minutes of sex. According to Recipe of Health, the Croatian dish Brudet consists of 625 calories per serving and, therefore, would require 37 minutes of sex between a couple to burn off just one portion.

3. Montenegro

Despite being the eighth smallest countries in Europe, in third place is Croatia’s neighbour, Montenegro, with an average of 168.10 calories burnt during ten minutes of sex.

4. Estonia

Estonia is in fourth place with 166.05 calories burned on average during 10 minutes of sex. WHO European Region stated that Estonia is one of the first countries of the former Soviet Union to introduce official sex education in schools.

5. Latvia

Landing in fifth place is Latvia, with 164.84 calories on average burned during sex. According to a European Commission report published July 9, Latvia has the highest ratio of women to men in the EU, with 85.60 males per 100 females.

6. Ireland

Ireland is in sixth place for burning the most calories during sex, with 164.74 calories burned for ten minutes. According to Eating Well, are 405 calories in a single portion of Irish stew, meaning Irish couples must have sex for 25 minutes to burn off just one portion of Irish stew between them.

7. Netherlands

Ranking at number seven is the Netherlands, with ten minutes of sex causing them to burn 164.33 calories. The Netherlands takes a different approach from other countries that might consider sex a taboo subject as they discuss it openly. By law, all primary school students in the Netherlands must receive sex education.

8. Iceland

Coming in eighth place is Iceland, with 164.23 calories burned on average during ten minutes of sex. Iceland comes on top in the world for residents making first sexual contact with an average age of 15.6 years, according to the Durex Global Sex Survey.

9. Greece

Greece is in ninth place for burning the most calories in Europe, burning 164.22 calories on average during ten minutes of sex. According to Nutrionix, there are 466 calories in a chicken gyros and a couple will need to have sex for 28 minutes to burn off just one portion of chicken gyros between them.

10. Norway

Finally, the country that finishes the top ten is Norway, burning 164.13 calories on average during ten minutes of sex. In Norway, couples burn four calories less on average than in The Czech Republic.

On the other end of the scale, the top three European countries burning the least calories during sex came out as Portugal, Italy and Morrocco.

A spokesperson for Total Shape commented on the findings: “Discussions around sex and the habits during the activity vary enormously from country to country and person to person. Having sex with a partner brings many benefits on top of burning calories, such as improving blood circulation, producing endorphins and boosting mood. It’s important to note the number of calories burned during sex varies widely from one session to another as different positions and how fast-paced the session is can burn a different number of calories.

“The research may surprise some to see which countries are burning the most calories on average during sex, but it’s a great piece of information to gain more insight into sex across the world and highlight how it can bring similar mood and physical benefits to exercise. It’s worth noting if you are looking to maximise the calorie burn during sex, then having a healthy diet and taking vitamins can be a great suggestion to help you last longer in bed. Vitamins such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin B9 can all aid in boosting a healthy sex life.”

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